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Rev Nancy Wiggen is
an inter-faith minister
honoring all  spiritual

Drawing from the
words of Jesus.

John 14-12:
"I  tell  you the  truth, anyone
who has  faith  in  me,  can  do
the same miracles I have done,
and even even greater things 
than these will you do" 


From the Bible~

There are 188 references to essential oils in the Bible.          
Some precious oils were used 
for anointing and healing the
sick.  Biblical prophets also 
used  essential  oils  as  a protection for their bodies against disease



      Native American

Everything on the Earth has
a purpose, every disease an
herb to cure it, and every
person a mission.


Mourning Dove




   "Ayurveda  is  beyond 
beginning and ending.  A
science of eternal healing  
it is compared  to  a  vast     
ocean,    and    studying 
Ayurveda  to swimming              
across the ocean.   

A  true teacher can  teach 
one  how  to swim,  but the
swimming   is  up  to  the 
…it is a lifelong  journey."

Charaka Samhita
Chapter Thirty



























With great respect and love I welcome to
                           Inner Journeys




                                  Resource Guide

For your benefit, every therapy offered by Inner Journeys Hawaii is described in detail.

 There is a page devoted to each technique providing you with specific information about the experience and the benefits available to you. Every therapy is natural, and although thought by many to be new forms of healing, come from ancient wisdom, from forms of healing which in the distant past were effective. The knowledge of these simple practices was lost to our awareness for a long time, now these ancient methods have begun to resurface.
 A cornucopia of information is presented in the following pages to provide you with resources which may enhance your life and well-being. Following the index pages of therapies offered by Inner Journeys Hawaii are pages filled with meaningful links offering extensive information for your body, mind and soul. In addition, there are pages with Hawaii links. All pages on this web site are listed below the article on the Benefits and Importance of Massage and on the site map.
 Honor your body for it is the dwelling place of your soul.


                  Benefits and Importance of Massage
Massage is one of the most basic and thorough techniques there are to promote both good health and well-being.  The benefits of massage are extensive. It is a much needed support system for your body.  Massage is needed to maintain good physical, mental and emotional health; it helps reduce stress and the effects of stress. A detailed explanation of the benefits are described on the Aumakua Massage Therapy page.

It is a common misconception that massage is a luxury which feels good in the moment but has no lasting value.  People are discovering just how powerful massage is as a tool to maintain good health.  There are many who think massage is only valuable for sore muscles however,  it enhances the circulatory system increasing oxygen throughout the body.  Massage also improves circulation of the lymph which strengthens the immune system.  Every system of the body will function better when you receive massage regularly.

It is amazing how much massage can helps one's emotional well-being.  I have had clients who were overwhelmed with grief, crying out loud; yet, by the end of a session smiles brightened their faces.  They had been able to relax enough to see their situation clearly, to realize the changes they needed to make.

It is amazing how much stress people carry in the muscles of their face.  After every massage I have ever given (whether the person was 18 or 80) they look at least 10 massage.   We carry far more stress within us than we realize.  Stress ages us, stress is the underlying cause of illness.  Massage, Reiki and Ananda Vibrational Healing are all powerful in their ability to reduce stress by facilitating a state of deep relaxation.

The body and mind have profound natural ability to heal when in a state of total and complete relaxation.  The deep state of relaxation is needed for thorough healing to
© Nancy Wiggen

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                          Inner Journeys Hawaii                              
is dedicated to providing  holistic and  spiritual   health care and 
introduces natural  health  care practices  which will  help  you to
maintain a  balanced   body,  mind  and spirit.  This is a resource  
guide offering extensive natural healing,  personal and  spiritual
growth techniques.  As  you study these pages you will see these
are integrated therapies serving  the whole body,  mind and spirit
with no adverse side effects. 
© Nancy Wiggen

Resource Guide for
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Inner Journeys Introduction
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"The physician must be experienced in many things,
               but most assuredly in rubbing."

                           - Hippocrates






































Nancy Wiggen,  Inner  Journeys Hawaii,  or any of the alternative therapies on this  web site do  not diagnose ailments or prescribe remedies in any way.     The  holistic  therapies offered are not meant to be a substitute  for care from a   medical  physician.

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